Mass for You at Home, which was first broadcast in 1971, was a project of the Archdiocese of Melbourne until 2021. The weekly Mass, broadcast each Sunday morning, was established to allow viewers to participate in a Sunday Mass from their homes. It is viewed by people across Australia every Sunday on Channel 10 and WIN, and this Mass is repeated on the Aurora Channel on Foxtel during the week. It can also be viewed online at 10 Play or on this website’s home page.

Mass for You at Home offers a pastoral gift which is highly valued by its viewers. It represents a long-standing commitment to the faithful and a presence on public media. Letters to the Mass for You at Home producers indicate that most of the viewers are those who are isolated from the usual parish celebration through age, distance, illness or imprisonment. With COVID-19 restrictions dramatically increasing the number of people in this situation, the need for virtually accessible worship services has never been greater.

As of April 2021, the Diocese of Wollongong has become the new producer of Mass for You at Home, beaming Mass into people’s living rooms across the country each week from Easter Sunday. The project is a partnership between the Diocese of Wollongong and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Bishop of Wollongong, Most Rev Brian Mascord DD said the diocese was very excited to be entrusted with producing Mass for people who are homebound, without internet, or in prison, aged care facilities and hospitals, as well as those flicking through the channels on a Sunday morning.

Read the official Release by the Diocese of Wollongong here. 

Sicily, Italy - May 31, 2020: Holy mass in Christian church during the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19.