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When you’re sick, in hospital or an aged care home, in prison, are hearing impaired or a long way from the nearest town, God can sometimes seem far away. Perhaps that’s true for all of us sometimes.

With Mass for You at Home on Channel Ten, for many viewers God and the Church seem to come a little closer.

While most of us can go to Mass in person or can go online to experience Mass, people who are housebound, isolated, in care and in prison cannot do this. For them, Mass for You at Home is their Mass – Mass for me. Their glimpse of the love of their God comes to them because we help to make it happen. 

Mass for You at Home provides what the Bishop of Wollongong, Brian Mascord, calls “an experience that comforts, inspires and uplifts people.” 

Will you join us in prayer and in financial support for Mass for You at Home?

We invite you to pray for those who rely on Mass for You at Home to be that source of inspiration and comfort, as well as those who produce Mass for You at Home. Here is a prayer written especially for this vital ministry. 

We also invite you to consider if you can provide financially for the ministry

By making a gift, you will be joining the Mass for You at Home spiritual community. Gifts of any amount are very welcome. 

Various ways of giving are outlined on our donation page.